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Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate

Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate Comodo
Quick, easy, and affordable with 256-bit encryption: Comodo EssentialSSL baseline certificate.

An excellent choice for light e-commerce websites or any other kind of website that necessitates enabling secure transactions, the Comodo EssentialSSL lineup of SSL/TLS products delivers up-to-date security under the trustworthy Comodo logo. This Comodo SSL can be issued in mere minutes, meaning HTTPS is minutes away at any given moment.

Upto 90 Days added on for Free
Save More When Buying Multiple Years
Total Due Today: £14.19

Your Savings: £47.42
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.
  • Validation Type: Domain
  • Issuance: Minutes
  • Reissues: Unlimited
  • Warranty: $10,000
  • Mobile Devices: Supported
  • Comodo Seal
    Site Seal: Included
  • Server Licenses: Unlimited
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days
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The Essential SSL certificate from Comodo: Domain Validation at its best

Comodo Essential SSL, in particular, is an extremely flexible domain validation certificate that is offered on the cheap and comes from a world-class Certificate Authority. The main goal of the EssentialSSL product lineup was to provide a light e-commerce security solution that was roughly equivalent to the feature set of PositiveSSL - another Comodo SSL.

Most SSL certificates designed for e-commerce websites are bulked up with a variety of extra features and services. Comodo Essential SSL foregoes these amenities for a more straightforward, more rugged approach: it's a combination of uncompromising 256-bit security and a lean feature-set.

Domain Validation: Fast, Simple, and Extremely Affordable With Comodo

SSL certificates from the EssentialSSL lineup deploy 256-bit encryption with domain validation. It always remains lean and straightforward compared to some of the more expensive and comprehensive Comodo certificates (which may offer features like the green address bar).

This SSL has an extended suite of features, so it's an incredibly competitive product. It is, in fact, the lowest-cost e-commerce SSL on the market, and if purchased via SSLTrust, we make sure that you're getting an even better price than you otherwise might've obtained.

Since the verification process is short and to the point, checking just domain ownership, its issuance speed is also downright impressive. At the same time, web servers protected by this certificate fall under the jurisdiction of the Comodo brand, which ensures top encryption strength.

Perfect For Those Who Don't Trust Generic SSL Certificates From Unverified Brands

Sure enough, there are entirely free SSL certificate solutions currently available online. Many of these are, in fact, totally fine, but only some are keen on using free and open-source SSL products, doubly so if the website in question has e-commerce features, which have grown to become downright ubiquitous over the past couple of years.

In cases where free isn't a viable option, the Comodo EssentialSSL lineup of digital certificates is the way to go. This SSL certificate properly delivers simple domain-validated security with unlimited instances. Encryption strength isn't a concern, as the Comodo encryption guarantee applies across the board.

The SSL installation is quick and about as easy as well. This means you can have single domain protection in place within mere minutes following the submission of your Certificate Signing Request, without risking your domain by leaving it unprotected.

Speediest SSL Certificate Issuance on the Market

One of EssentialSSL's biggest draws is its speed. These SSL certificates come from a top-end SSL provider with extensive and exhaustive security checks. However, EssentialSSL certificates are still limited to domain validation, meaning that they get issued extremely quickly.

As the SSL comes with its suite of static site seal graphics featuring the Comodo logo and access to an excellent customer experience team from Comodo itself, you're still gaining key features by opting for EssentialSSL, too.

Once again, Comodo proves that speed and affordability are compatible, primarily when relying on domain ownership validation.

Join Comodo and SSLTrust to Reap Unique Benefits

By purchasing your Comodo SSL certificates from SSLTrust, you get the most bang for your proverbial buck.

  • Unlimited server licenses, should you need them
  • $10,000 warranty package
  • Comodo Essential site seal
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Effectively total browser compatibility
  • Access to a third-party security expert team

SSLTrust works closely with Comodo to deliver some non-essential but important functionality alongside its SSL products. A 30-day refund policy is an excellent safety net for web admins still looking for a good fit for their domain, and the $10,000 warranty lets you stop worrying about potential certificate breaches in the future.

Our security experts are available around the clock and will do their best to assist you as soon as you submit a support ticket. SSLTrust ensures that there's nothing for you to be concerned about short of actually getting the SSL to run.

Product NameComodo EssentialSSL
AlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
Validation TypeDomain Ownership Validation
Issuance Time5-15 minutes
Domains +
Allows Additional Domains (SAN)No
Server LicensesUnlimited Server Licenses
Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption
Trust IndicatorsHTTPS Browser Padlock
Mobile & Smartphone SupportYes
Browser compatibility99%
Client OS CompatibilityGood
Included Malware ScanNo
Includes Trust SealYes
SSL ReissuanceUnlimited and Free
Refund Policy30 Days

Code Signing certificates are supposed to be hard to obtain, but with the great help and expertise of the SSLTrust team we were able to navigate the process successfully. Our company presented unusual problems for the process which had caused an attempt with another provider to fail miserably afetr several months. SSLTrust stepped into the breach and guided us through to a successful outcome. There communication was clear, their website easy to navigate, and their integration with CA providers was seamless. We would highly recommend.

a year ago

Very happy with the service from SSLTrust! I had to organise a code signing certificate with a hardware token. Having somewhere local made the process much smoother for verification. Support is also very quick to answer which is a great change!

7 months ago